Yamanni Chinen Ryu Kobujutsu

Yamanni Chinen Ryu Kobujutsu

Kobujutsu (Okinawa Weapons Art) is a fascinating classical martial art.  And while modern mainstream martial arts have risen in popularity due to their prominence as a global sport, Kobudo has not experienced the same level of popularity. It is only in the past five decades or so that classical Kobudo has begun to achieve a similar degree of notoriety and respect  it so rightfully deserves.

With this understanding in mind, finding a qualified instructor and accredited system presents its own challenge. No one understands this more than Shihan McMains who spent decades searching before the opportunity to properly study Yamanni Chinen Ryu presented itself.  Shihan McMains attends classes twice a month under the tutelage of Sensei Saiyid Hassan, 4th Dan / Director - Ryukyu Bujutsu Kenkyu Doyukai (RBKD) US Southwest Branch. And with this privilege comes the responsibility to protect the history and institutions that are Yamanni Chin Ryu.

The  dojo is the only dojo in the Southeastern US that offers training and Black Belt accreditation in classical Okinawan Kobujutsu as a stand-alone art. Weapons training in most martial arts schools is at best a poor attempt to “piece meal” training through a collection of made-up kata intended to act as a “filler” or for tournament competition. Our Yamanni Chinen Ryu program is a complete system and offers an alternative to the usual Karate based training system.


Since Yamanni Chinen Ryu focuses entirely on the use of weapons, training in a Karate based system is not required. And with focus placed on managing a specific weapon, the student has much more control in developing their technical and physical skills through self-practice. Emphasis is placed on correct and proper body mechanics which not only supports technical performance but increases a person’s overall physical well-being which leads to a higher quality of life well into the practitioner’ advanced ages.

Yamanni Chinen Ryu classes are held every 1st and 3rd Saturday at the  dojo and open to both students of our Karate program and those that wish to complement their current martial arts training or train in just the Yamanni Chinen Ryu program. For more information on our Yamanni Chinen Ryu program, please follow the link below.

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Yamanni Chinen Ryu History, Kata & Curriculum

Ages 10 & Older
Every 1st and 3rd Saturday 

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Class Size is Limited to 15 Students
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