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A short message from Shihan Rusty McMains

Welcome and thank you for visiting with us. I want to personally applaud you for taking the time to research something that can greatly impact your life today and for years to come. There is no better decision than an educated decision. The information included in our site is intended to help you make an educated decision without any bells and whistles to lure you in. Our site, like our classes, is designed with your benefit in mind. We are in the true sense of the word a karate "school". Rather than repeating a technique 100 times in class, you will learn the inner workings of the technique so you, the student, are empowered with the confidence to practice and develop at your own pace. Through confidence you will improve other positive traits including self-respect, self-motivation, self-reliance, self-discipline, compassion and more ... all while improving your mental and physical quality of life. We invite you to watch a class, talk with others parents and students and even try a couple of classes on us.

Mission Statement

When thinking through the best options for karate classes and self-defense training, come to the Okinawa karate center. With more than 40 years of experience, we offer a truly unique and rare style of Okinawan goju-ryu taught outside of the birth place of all karate based style.

Class Info

Many martial arts schools offer special introductory classes with a free uniform.  It is generally not the classes that steers the new customer to join but the the emotional connection from wearing the uniform.  This makes it a bit more difficult to make an objective decision.  This makes it especially difficult when the parent is faced with telling their excited child no, regardless of the reason. The Okinawa Karate Center in Houston, Texas, is a non-commercial school, which means we don't rely on the income from teaching to support our work. If you decide to join our class its because you see the value of our instruction. We know we are not a fit for everyone. But if our brand of martial arts fits your needs, then we invite you to join our class. 



No matter what kind of martial arts style you are interested in, many of them share the same physical benefits you find in commonly played sports. At the Okinawa Karate Center in Houston, Texas, we know that the benefits of martial arts should reach beyond the physical and improve you psychologically and spiritually. Proper instruction and training will lead to an extended quality of life well into advanced years.

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We want to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to our  "online dojo". This site is not just intended to provide information for new students, it also serves as a valued source of information for the seasoned martial artist. Through our resources pages, blogs and videos it is our intent to provide an expanded view of the what most perceive the martial arts to be and to offer common sense solutions for those seemingly ineffective techniques found throughout the martial arts. We hope your visit is both enjoyable and educational. As we continually update this site, please click on your "refresh" button to view any revisions since your last visit.

Dedicated In The Memory Of

Michael Stewart Tucker 

March 21, 1962-July 8, 2016


  • In May, 2014, I had the oppor...

    In May, 2014, I had the opportunity to train with Shihan Rusty McMains for several sessions. I had heard a lot about Shihan and had high expectations. He delivered much beyond my expectations, which words cannot adequately describe.

    I have been a Police Officer with the Niagara Regional Police for 24 years, and have consistently trained in and taught the martial arts (Karate, Kung Fu, and Tai Chi) for over 30 years. No matter what style of martial arts you practice, and for any person in law enforcement, Shihan McMains methods work! Whether you are seeking how to control an opponent, self defense, or martial art mastery – learning from Shihan will help you improve immensely and quickly.

    Without hesitation, I can say that the skill level and the concepts taught by Shihan McMains is at a standard I have never encountered. Shihan not only demonstrated the effectiveness of his methods (which I felt first hand as his Uke for much of the weekend) but he easily explained how we could achieve the same level, with practice. Shihan McMains' techniques were natural, easy to apply, common sense, and at times utterly painful and brutal in potential.

    More important than the techniques, Shihan McMains brought an understanding of Goju Ryu concepts and application that made total sense, and saved me many years of study to arrive at the same understanding, if at all. I enjoy practicing kata, but after learning from Shihan for only a few sessions, kata has taken on an entirely new meaning and I feel an excitement just to practice one move. My training in Tai Chi has also moved up to a higher level, as Shihan taught universal concepts that work for any style.

    I also enjoyed that there was no baggage of tradition for its own sake. It was refreshing to have a master reinforce the need to question and analyze everything, to think things out for yourself and choose on what makes practical sense rather than to blindly accept what is taught.

    Steven Tchang

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