Adult Benefits

While training in Karate will provide all students with similar benefits, adults have varying personal reasons for joining a dojo. It is most important to recognize that adults come from all walks of life, varied backgrounds and cultures, shapes and sizes. The ages of our adult students range from age 14 up to students in their 60’s, including Shihan McMains.

Where our Junior’s Program places emphasis on personal development through physical training, our Adult Program takes a slightly different road. For many adults, it is not enough to just sweat. Adults also want to understand the whys and hows. This is one of the major advantages of our program.

Before we examine a few of the primary benefits you will receive from training at the , we need to share the intent and associated goals of each of our worldwide member dojos. We have the unique honor and privilege of being the Texas Branch for North America KenShiKai. Not only does this offer our students Black Belt status and Instructor certification recognized world-wide, we are charged with progressing our art. This requires our leaders, including Shihan McMains, to continually advance their personal studies, both technically and physically, and unselfishly share their discoveries to advance our legacy. Every one of our students, white belt or Black Belt, contribute equally in this formula.

Whether a new student or someone who is resurrecting earlier trainings paused by life's many disruptions, there are numerous reasons wellness professionals regularly recommend learning something new:

  • It gives you motivation.
  • It helps beat boredom.
  • It boosts confidence.
  • It keeps you healthy.
  • It helps you be mentally and physiologically flexible
  • It can benefit others.
  • It can boost your happiness.

As a non-commercial school, we are fortunate that we are able to limit class size. Whether training as part of the general class, in smaller groups or individually, limited class size provides for more direct one-on-one instruction and attention. An additional benefit to smaller classes allows for newer students to train alongside the more established students. This is a huge benefit on so many levels.

Firstly, from day one, you will train shoulder to shoulder with our other members, including Black Belts, all of which started just like you. They are just as important to your progression as learning directly from Kyoshi McMains. This cooperative training ensures that the more established student continually review the basic essentials while challenging the newer student. You will always have access to another member of our class, each who are excited to share their own journey story and experiences.

Many of our adult students, including Black Belts, are “transplants” from other styles. And while they could have chosen a dojo of their parent style to continue their studies, they choose to train at the . This is largely due to the fact that our program offers something exceptionally unique from the more popular sports based systems. And with competition based schools primarily designed to attract the younger, more athletic student, this leaves a significant gap for most adults. Our Martial Science based program is unlike anything other dojos offer. These applied physical and medical based sciences provide an unparalleled approach to intelligent training.

And as we stated before, our students come in all shapes and sizes: married and single, moms and dads, laymen and professionals, various cultures and backgrounds, athletic and not so athletic, and the young and not so young. While our training can be physically demanding, after all it is Karate, each of us has to function in the real world. Add to the fact that some days are better than others, expectations in training need to be flexible as well.

And unlike sports-based martial arts, Okinawan martial arts are remarkably famous for having students and teachers actively practicing Karate and Kobudo well into their 70’s and 80’s. There are limited physical activities that more mature adults can participate in as deeply as our programs. This is the true definition of a life protection art where extended quality of life is at the foundation of all trainings. 

A side benefit of training acts as a distraction from the frustrations life can present on a daily and hourly basis. Mental strength is just as important as physical strength. And just as the body needs to rest and relax to maintain physical health, classes can serve as mini vacations … a chance to reboot. This will not only impact the student but will also impact family life and the workplace.

While interests in training vary from student to student, every student expresses a common reason, “I’ve always wanted to train in the martial arts”. Again, there are many reasons why most put off training: school or college, work, starting a family or just didn’t have the time. And now, finally, the stars have aligned and the obstacles to train are removed. But not just any style or school will do. As stated earlier, all our students, just like you’re doing right now, took the time to research so they could make the best educated decision possible.Whether you try a few classes or just want to watch, come on out and experience it live.

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