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Okinawa Kobujutsu History

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Okinawan Kobujutsu – A Complete System

While a majority of today’s franchise martial arts studios offer some form of weapons’ training in the programs, these trainings are “piece meal” add-ons designed to attract a wider audience and to keep students from getting bored. And much like their base program, there usually isn’t much substance in their weapons program beyond fancy baton twirling, flips and other gymnastic type moves.

Our Kobujutsu Programs are steeped in rich history, forged in a time when the need for an effective life-protection system was necessary. And while times have changed and the need for such extremes no longer exists, we still approach our trainings with the same level of respect and dedication. Unfortunately, very few of today’s martial arts programs honor this level of commitment in their trainings. This is what elevates our trainings above the rest.

Benefits of Training in a Formal Kobujutsu Program

All of our trainings are built upon a strong technical base which will organically improve proper body posturing, strength, stamina, flexibility, range of motion, relaxation, mental focus and more. As with any weapon, a high regard for respect of the implement and the safety of others is continually emphasized and practiced. And like our empty hand trainings, the student will learn practical application of the various implements against the other implements, just as they were intended. While “fancy and flashy” are great for public demonstrations to woo the crowd and a must for tournament play, we have the honor and privilege of being part of a unique inheritance and the responsibility to uphold the integrity of past generations and pass it along for future generations.

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